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Swiss GSO Volunteer application form

Only Swiss citizens or people with a valid work permit for Switzerland can apply to become a volunteer at Medair's headquarters in Ecublens or our office in Zurich.

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If applying for a volunteer position, and you do not have Swiss / eligible EU nationality, please state which permit you have to work in Switzerland:
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Medair values
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* Do you share Medair's Faith Value? *Individuals from diverse religious backgrounds are welcome to volunteer at Medair
Can you please tell us about your faith and who Jesus Christ is for you?
The organisational language at Medair is English. A strong working knowledge of English, spoken and written, is necessary.
For positions working primarily in French and/or German, a strong working knowledge of such languages are required with a working knowledge of English.
Please rate your proficiency in each of the following languages:
* English
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If you speak any other relevant language, please mention and rate it here:
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Helping for the following activities
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Data Entry : Record input and database updates
Direct marketing "Phone calls,Filing envelopes,Printing and Writing of letters"
HR Recruitment support "Posting jobs on external websites, research, support, projects"
Archiving, Filing
Administration Tasks
Support for maintenance facilities " Repair person, Flat cleaning, Laundry ..."
Assistance during Medair Events "run conference, fair, exhibition stand"
Others, please specify
Your availability
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How did you find out about Medair?
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By submitting your application, including any sensitive data such as health information, religious views or affiliation, you are aware that Medair will use the information provided, in order to process your application for current and future employment positions. Your information will be kept confidential. We may send your information to Medair offices outside of Switzerland for recruitment purposes. The information you provided will not be given to any other party, except criminal and passport data for standard security screening purposes.
* By returning this Application Form, I confirm that all of the information I am providing is true and accurate.
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