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Medair is a humanitarian aid organisation inspired by Christian faith.
Medair's internationally recruited and HQ staff are Christians who are committed to the Medair values: integrity, hope, compassion, dignity, accountability and faith.


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Medair will only process applications in English.
Questions with an asterisk (*) must be answered by all applicants. For field positions, please answer all questions. For HQ positions, the questions without asterisk (*) are not required.
Do not submit multiple applications. They will not be processed.
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For most HQ positions only Swiss or eligible EU citizens, or those with a valid work permit for Switzerland can apply.
If applying for an HQ position, and you do not have Swiss / eligible EU nationality, please state which permit you have to work in Switzerland:
* Please explain your reasons for wanting to join Medair.
* For those wanting to work with Medair in the field (or HQ positions with field trips), have you considered and accepted the risks and dangers involved?
* Please attach your most recent CV / Resume in English (max. 5 pages and 1 Mo).
Medair values
Medair's internationally recruited and HQ staff are Christians who are committed to the Medair values. One of Medair's values is faith: we are motivated by our relationship with Jesus Christ, who taught that our highest goal is to love God and to care for those in need. Understand how our faith value is worked out for staff in Medair here.
* I confirm that I have read, understood, and I am committed to the Medair values.
* Are you a committed Christian?
Can you please tell us about your faith and who Jesus Christ is for you?
Briefly describe any significant events in your spiritual life.
Your experience
* Have you previously worked for Medair?
* Please specify your previous role, when and where you worked.
Medair defines "intercultural experience" as experience that takes place on a different continent from your home and where the cultural context is significantly different from where you live. For example, for North Americans, Europeans, Australians, or New Zealanders, this would preferably be in Africa or Asia; for Africans and Asians, this would preferably be in Europe, North America, or Australasia.
* Do you have overseas intercultural experience?
Your competencies
The organisational language at Medair is English. A strong working knowledge of English, spoken and written, is required to work in field and HQ positions.
For positions working primarily in French, a strong working knowledge of French is required with a working knowledge of English.
Please rate your proficiency in each of the following languages:
* English
* French
* German
* Arabic
If you speak any other relevant language, please mention and rate it here:
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COVID Vaccination for staff
It is our organisational responsibility to take measures which minimise the possibility of Medair representatives being a channel of risk to the vulnerable populations we serve.
Therefore, all new deploying international staff to Medair’s country programmes (and other roles which require field travel) should be fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved COVID vaccine, supported with a COVID vaccination certificate as evidence.
Are you fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved COVID vaccine, supported with a COVID vaccination certificate as evidence?
Your availability
Note for HQ applicants: from time to time, HQ staff may need to travel to the field.
Please select the countries you would consider working in with Medair:
* What is your current employer's notice period?
* When are you available?
How did you find out about Medair?
* How did you first hear about Medair?
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* What most influenced your decision to apply to work with Medair?
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* I confirm that all of the information I am providing is true and accurate.
By submitting your application, including any sensitive data such as health information, religious views or affiliation, you are aware that Medair will use the information provided, in order to process your application for current and future employment positions. Your information will be kept confidential. We may send your information to Medair offices outside of Switzerland for recruitment purposes.
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